Hannsjörg Voth and Ingrid Amslinger
23 October 2022 – 5 March 2023

The Munich artist Hansjörg Voth donated several hundred drawings and watercolours to the Franz Marc Museum, as well as related photographs by Ingrid Amslinger, that were created in connection with his 1981 project ‘Boot as Stein’ (Boat of Stone). Voth hewed a boat out of stone in a pyramid that he built in IJsselmeer (Lake Ijssel) on the Dutch coast.

‘Boat of Stone’ comprised a pyramid constructed in the lake. It hovered on nine wooden piles 3.5 metres above the surface of the water. Inside, there was a living area and a central room in which Hansjörg Voth worked on a block of stone, carving it into a boat. The result was a meditative space that could only be reached by boat, its outer appearance citing the ancient, man-made pyramidal structure.

Hansjörg Voth made numerous drawings in preparation for the project and built the pyramid himself with the help of craftsmen. During his week-long stay in it he made sketches like diary entries – small drawings created alongside his work on the stone boat in the meditative atmosphere of his haven.

These drawings, together with photographs by Ingrid Amslinger, capture the construction of this space and what it felt like to live in before it was destroyed by storms and water. The concept behind this work is linked to Land Art which opposes the economic exploitation of art. It is also related to the ecological movements that emerged in the 1960s. The works on paper and the photographs convey these ideas in images of constructive and creaturely elements closely bound to nature whereas, in her photographs, Ingrid Amslinger captures the beauty of the pyramid and the surrounding natural environment.

Works by HannsjörgVoth can also be seen in Munich: for example, his fountain installation ‘Zwischen Sonnentor und Mondplatz’ (1991–93). Location: Kurt-Haertel-Passage, Bayerstr. 34, European Patent Office, Munich.